Bruce Hicks: Lessons for Canada in how the U.K. appoints judges

“A transparent process for choosing Supreme Court nominees is desperately needed, with two positions from Quebec to be filled,” wrote Bruce Hicks, BMO Visiting Fellow and adjunct professor at York University’s Glendon School of Public & International Affairs, in the Ottawa Citizen May 27. “Canada could take a lesson from the United Kingdom, where the government has established a fully independent mechanism for appointments to all levels of the judiciary, not just the Supreme Court.” Read full story.

Making sense of political advertising and the Ontario election
“Last week saw the authorized start of Ontario election advertising, though having watched Kathleen Wynne jog on deserted Ontario roads earlier you might have thought this all started much before the election was actually called,” wrote Schulich School of Business marketing Professor Alan Middleton in the Inside Agenda Blog May 27.  Read full story.

Organizing precarious workers: Looking for a new model
The traditional labour organizing model may not be the best one for organizing precarious workers – not because of the union itself, but because of the many challenges that come with organizing. “We do have to rethink the ways in which we create forms of representation for workers,” said York University Professor Stephanie Ross in May 27. She notes that while organizing a shop may work at a factory, it might not a fast food chain where it’s easy for the employer to shut the store down and move down the block. Read full story.

Colle, McCann pledge vigilance against anti-Semitism
Green Party candidate Lucas McCann’s online bio describes him as a PhD candidate at York University, musician, artist and activist. . . . McCann would improve Ontario’s economy by “merging the public and Catholic school systems” and reallocating funding to reduce class sizes and improve special education, reported the Jewish Tribune May 27. He would also “fight for lower taxes for small businesses and entrepreneurs.” Read full story.

Growing up digital: How the Internet affects teen identity
A 2010 study from York University found that people with lower self-esteem spent more time online and posted more “self-promotional” content to sites like Facebook, reported Deseret News May 28. Read full story.

Why every leader needs a coach
Ronald J. Burke at the Schulich School of Business, York University, researched cites data which shows the average tenure of Fortune 500 CEOs is reducing, and the percentage of CEOs being asked to step down for performance reasons is steadily increasing, reported Psychology Today May 27. Read full story.

Eglinton-Lawrence: The candidates speak
“We have already invested over $16 billion in building the Eglinton Crosstown Line, extending the York University line up to the centre of Vaughan and the new air-rail link train between Union Station and Pearson Airport,” said Liberal MPP Mike Colle in the North York Mirror May 27. “We also budgeted for an additional $15 billion in improving public transit across the Toronto area.” Read full story.

Plan Colombia’s genocidal legacy
The government enhanced its territorial control as President Uribe reoriented Colombia’s economy, prioritizing “austerity, privatization, deregulation and export-led growth through trade liberalization,” wrote York University Lecturer Jasmin Hristov in a 2005 Journal of Peasant Studies article, reported CounterPunch May 27.  Read full story.