Why traffic congestion is driving Toronto crazy

Uncertainty makes driving feel worse, said York University Professor David Wiesenthal, who has studied narcissistic tendencies among drivers, aggressive driving and how stress affects drivers. Without confidence in knowing how long their trip will take, people often don’t know whether they will make an appointment, get to work on time or keep someone waiting. And that makes them rattled, reported The Globe and Mail May 3. Read full story.

Compassion clubs, Canada’s ‘grey market’ pot retailers, face a make-or-break moment
“It’s clearly not legal, but it’s clearly not illegal, because we need a ruling as to the justification under the Charter for the clubs,” said York University law Professor Alan Young, who won a federal ruling in 2008 stating parts of Canada’s medical marijuana laws were unconstitutional. “If the government program was completely transparent and had remarkable access and affordability, the clubs would not have that grey area zone to work within,” Young said in the Huffington Post May 3. Read full story.

Why is asbestos still killing people?
“They believe that if you have cancer, it is because you smoked,” said Jessica van Horssen, an environmental historian at York University, in the Pacific Standard May 2. “The view is that asbestos can be handled safely now. The industry covered things up and it’s as if the people learned that this is what you are supposed to do. You must say it’s not so bad, that it saves more lives than it kills, and if we say it’s OK enough times people will believe it.” Read full story.

The ethics of Spider-Man
In a following chapter of Spider-Man and Philosophy: The Web of Inquiry, J. Keeping, a professor at York University in Toronto, explores the responsibilities a superhero like Spider-Man must take as a “Good Samaritan” to help those in need, reported the National Catholic Register May 3. Were Spider-Man not to act, he asks, to save a falling window washer while he certainly could do so with minimal effort, how much blame should be assigned to the window washer’s death?
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Empowering students through kindness
Modya Silver and his Kindness Week participants were invited to take part in TDSB’s annual Social Justice Fair at York University on May 7, during which Kindness Week representatives will make a presentation to the head of the Toronto District School Board, reported the Canadian Jewish News May 2. Read full story.

Weekly wrap…NAB Wealth to refund customers after Navigator platform error
Survey findings from the recent MLC Adviser Roadshow “Let’s Save Retirement” found that nearly 50 per cent of the 448 advisers surveyed nationally rated longevity risk as the single biggest risk to clients meeting their retirement plans, reported Wealth Professional May 5. Out of the five risks identified by keynote speaker Moshe Milevsky, finance professor at York University, advisers rated sequencing risk the second biggest risk (25.45 per cent). Read full story.