Reduce stress, cultivate creativity and tranquility


The York University Psychology Clinic (YUPC) will hold its spring meditation program beginning in May.

The meditation program – Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – will start on Tuesday, May 6 and run every week on the same day for eight sessions, from 5:30 to 7pm, at 102 Behavioural Science Building, Keele campus. The sessions will be led by psychologist and York Professor Paul Ritvo.

The program will help to do the following:

  • reduce stress more effectively;
  • cultivate creativity, attentiveness and tranquility; and
  • gain the support of group meditation with on-the-spot instruction.

For those looking for an activity that can help keep your brain healthier, come to this program to learn and practise mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaivoural Therapy derives a powerful synergy from three strong traditions. Ancient Asian meditation methods are being invigorated and revolutionized by groundbreaking research in cognitive therapy and neuroscience. In this group, the scientific approach employs methods drawn from all three traditions.

Whether you want to learn to meditate or strengthen skills, these eight sessions will challenge you to engage in vigorous practice and explore powerful benefits.

The cost of the eight-session program is $150 or $50 for students with valid ID.

For participants with extended health coverage for psychological services, the fee should be reimbursable; for students in the York Federation of Students’ health plan, the fee should be reimbursable by session with a note from your family doctor.

For the registration form, visit the YUPC website.