Vignettes used as relevant focus group method, talk

Nazilla Khanlou
Nazilla Khanlou

Using vignettes in mental health research will be the focus of an upcoming LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research talk.

International visiting student and PhD Candidate in nursing, Jaqueline Macedo of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, will give her talk, “Using Vignettes as a Relevant Focus Group Method in School-Based Mental Health Research”, Wednesday, April 30, from 11am to 1pm, 280N York Lanes, Keele campus.

The presentation will describe a case example of the vignette method used in a participatory qualitative research study conducted with educators on middle school students’ involvement in drug use, in Sao Paulo state, Brazil.

Macedo is working under the supervision of York Professor Nazilla Khanlou, LaMarsh executive member and the Women’s Health Research Chair in Mental Health.

RSVP to as space is limited.