Book looks at future trends in principles governing institutional investors

Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty book cover

Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty book coverThe Cambridge Handbook of Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty, a new book co-edited by York Professor Edward J. Waitzer, offers novel perspectives on dynamics that drive the current emphasis on short-term investment returns and analyzes the forces at work in markets around the world.

Waitzer is the Jarislowsky Dimma Mooney Chair in Corporate Governance at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Schulich School of Business.

The Cambridge Handbook of Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty (Cambridge University Press) is considered a comprehensive reference work exploring recent changes and future trends in the principles that govern institutional investors and fiduciaries.

The book brings into sharper focus the systemic effects that investment practices have on the long-term stability of the economy and the interests of beneficiaries in financial, social and environmental sustainability. It provides a global and multi-faceted commentary on the evolving standards governing institutional investment, offering guidance for students, researchers and policy-makers interested in finance, governance and other aspects of the contemporary investment world.

It also provides investment, business, financial media and legal professionals with the tools they need to better understand and respond to new financial market challenges of the 21st century. In doing so, it covers latest trends and events to provide up-to-date insight into the world of institutional investment and features commentary from scholars and practitioners with diverse backgrounds.

The Cambridge Handbook of Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty adopts a global perspective and includes examples of legislation, policies, practices and institutions from around the world. In addition, it provides forward-looking advice for practitioners and policy-makers looking to develop new services, products, marketing, policies and regulations.

Waitzer was chair of Stikeman Elliott LLP from 1999 to 2006 and remains a senior partner whose practice focuses on complex business transactions. He also advises on a range of public policy and governance matters.

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