PhD candidate Natalia Angel-Cabo wins IDRC Doctoral Research Award Competition 2013

Osgoode student recipient of scholarship

Osgoode PhD candidate Natalia Angel-Cabo has won the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Doctoral Research Award Competition 2013.

Natalia Angel-Cabo
Natalia Angel-Cabo

Angel-Cabo’s project studies the effects of a new governance approach to the enforcement of social and economic rights through an empirical study of the outcomes of two landmark rulings of the Colombian Constitutional Court: the health-care case (T-760/08) and the garbage pickers’ case (T- 291/09). The rulings seek to guarantee – through deliberative and participatory processes – equal access to health care and means of subsistence for marginalized communities.

Angel-Cabo’s research assesses and documents the characteristics common to these judgments and the particularities of the contexts in which they emerged, contemplating whose voices are privileged and whose are excluded from the judgments. She is investigating what has been implemented and how these judgments have impacted the lived realities of disenfranchised communities in Colombia. While the study focuses on Colombian cases, it also intends to consider and build upon existing debates in the Global South about the prospects and limits of the justice approaches that are characterized by dialogue for the enforcement of social and economic rights.

The award will allow Angel-Cabo, who is in her third year of her PhD under the supervision of Professor Bruce Ryder, to cover the fieldwork costs associated with the next stage of her project in Colombia.