Prof’s book, ‘Ethan’s Butterflies’, recently released as an ebook

Ethan's Butterflies book cover

York nursing Professor Christine Jonas-Simpson’s book Ethan’s Butterflies: A Spiritual Book for Young and Parents after the Loss of a Baby, is now available as an ebook.

Jonas-Simpson was looking for help in answering her young sons’ difficult questions about their baby brother Ethan’s passing. Not being able to find anything on the bookstore shelves, Jonas-Simpson wrote her own book. It takes parents and young children through the journey of deep sorrow and loss of a baby brother or sister, from the moment of expectation to deep despair following the baby’s death, to the joy of reconnecting with them in another way.

Ethan's Butterflies book cover“When a baby dies one of the first concerns a parent has is the impact this loss has on their young living children. It is difficult to know what to say or how to talk about the death of a long-awaited sibling,” says Jonas-Simpson of the School of Nursing, Faculty of Health. “Ethan’s Butterflies provides a way for parents and professionals to connect with young children who experience the loss of a sibling.”

Written from a young child’s perspective, the story is told by Emma, a pink elephant, who describes her deep sadness, anger and fears. She also poses many questions that children often raise.

“Emma shows how she and her family learn to live with the loss her baby brother Ethan and how they continue to connect with him in many ways, one of which is a butterfly and another is love,” says Jonas-Simpson.

This story is about living and feeling the deep loss of a baby as well as transforming this precious loss through connecting and creating new relationships. Visit YouTube to view a video announcing the ebook.

Proceeds from the sale of Ethan’s Butterflies will go to bereavement charities, education and research.

To learn more about how the book came to be, visit York Space for an article – “Metamorphosis: A Story of Loss, Transformation and Abiding Love” – written by Jonas-Simpson. Jonas-Simpson is also currently directing and producing her fourth research documentary film, funded by the Social Sciences & Research Humanities Council of Canada, which explores bereaved children’s experiences when a baby sibling dies.

To purchase Ethan’s Butterflies, visit the Loss Grief and Growth website.