Little Black Afro Theatre’s latest production probes human connection

Little Black Afro Theatre Muse Poster

Little Black Afro Theatre’s latest production, Muse, probes human connection and interaction, how people are deeply impacted by each other, and how this translates into their work.

Written and directed by York theatre and English student Veronica Appia, Muse, is an interdisciplinary project that combines visual and performing art to provide audiences with a new and innovative theatrical experience – “gallery theatre”.

Muse PosterThe staging is designed to take its audience directly into the action by guiding them to each piece of visual art and monodrama as if it were set up in a gallery. Muse explores the ways in which art is inspired.

Muse has been created and work-shopped, since January 2013, in York University’s Playwriting and New Play Dramaturgy course under the direction of Professor Judith Rudakoff.

Little Black Afro Theatre produces stylistically diverse performance by connecting multidisciplinary artists with local charities who are advocating for the same contemporary social issues.

For this project, Little Black Afro Theatre is working alongside SKETCH, a community arts development initiative based in Toronto engaging youth artists ages 15 to 29, who are living street involved, homeless or otherwise on the margins. Sketch creates opportunities for them to experience the transformative power of the arts. We are commissioning participants from their programs to create the artwork that is connected to each monodrama, and it will be featured in the play.

There will be a silent auction held during the run of the show to give audience members the chance to own some of the art from the performance. In addition, 10 per cent of the box office will be donated to help support Sketch.

Little Black Afro Theatre was co-founded by current York theatre student Luke Reece, assistant and artistic director for Muse. The cast of Muse is largely comprised of York theatre students in the Faculty of Fine Arts, including Adam Borohov (Ralph), Nicole D’Amato (Isabelle), Nigel D’Souza (Bernard), Rachel Kennedy (Genevieve), Jordan Laffrenier (George), Jalen Liverpool (Riley), Matt McMillan (Miguel), Tegan MacFarlane (Ren), Curtis te Brinke (Johnny), Lucy Powis (Emily) and Hilary Roskey (Anna).

Muse poster

The crew of Muse is also comprised of York theatre students, including:

  • Laura Clark and Meghan Maguire, stage managers;
  • EmmaRose MacDonald, dramaturg;
  • Katie Powe, lighting and costume design; and
  • Steph Raposo, sound and set design.

Muse will run from March 31 to April 5, at Sterling Studio Theatre, 163 Sterling Rd. Toronto. Showtime is 7:30pm and 9:30pm. The play is 60 minutes in length. Tickets are $10 for student and $15 for regular admission.

For more information, visit the Little Black Afro Theatre Company website.