Students present research at Crossroads of Health symposium Thursday

Students looking at an MRI of a brain

All University students interested in health research are invited to the upcoming pan-Faculty research symposium – The Crossroads of Health.

This year’s theme is recognizing innovative, multidisciplinary research at the crossroads of health. The conference, organized by the York Institute for Health Research and the Graduate Research Association of Students in Public Health (GRASP) will take place Thursday, March 6, from 9am to 4:30pm, in the Harry Crowe room, 109 Atkinson Building, Keele campus.

Students looking at an MRI of a brain
Researchers study an MRI of a brain

Undergraduate and graduate researchers from many disciplines will present their work on a variety of topics, including design in health care, disabilities, the mathematical modelling of diseases and more.

For more information and to RSVP, e-mail Rahat at or Emanuel at

GRASP specializes in organizing events that bring together students, faculty and professionals from diverse sites of industry and academy to facilitate thought-provoking discussion thematically centered on various health research topics.

The YIHR is home to a new breed of health researchers who actively conduct research from within interdisciplinary teams and cross-sectoral networks. With both eminent researchers and emerging scholars, YIHR draws together a range of social, biomedical, environmental and behavioural scientists, as well as researchers from business, law, education and the physical sciences. As a result, research at YIHR bridges the divide between the sciences and social sciences to deliver real world solutions.