Call for papers: Mothering multiples

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Demeter Press is seeking submissions for an edited collection about mothering multiples.

With the working title of Mothering Multiples: (Re)exploring, (Re)presenting and Making Meaning of the Process of Becoming Pregnant, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting Experiences with Multiples, the collection will be edited by Kathy Mantas.

The deadline for abstracts is April 30.

There has been an increase of twin babies and higher order multiple birth babies born in Canada and around the world in the past few decades. The wide use of fertility drugs and high-tech procedures are considered to be one of the major contributing factors to the increase in multiple births, but there are others as well. This edited collection seeks to (re)explore, (re)present, make meaning, and contribute to a body of literature that is, at the moment limited, on the process of becoming pregnant, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and becoming a parent from the perspective of multiples, and all the layers and complexities this entails.

Submissions from researchers, mothers, fathers, adult children (twinless twins or higher order multiples), grandparents, healthcare experts, community workers, artists, and activists are welcome. Chapters from a wide range of disciplines and cultural perspectives, both theoretical/scholarly and creative (e.g., stories, narrative, creative non-fiction, poetry, image-based), are highly encouraged and will be considered.

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts should be a 250-word description of the proposed paper, including a tentative title and should include a 50-word biography, citizenship details and full contact information.

Full Manuscripts: MLA style, between 15 and 18 pages, double-spaced. Shorter stories/narrative works, image-based and/or creative submissions are also welcome (500 to 2500 words). Final acceptance of the manuscript for inclusion in the collection rests upon the strength and fit of the completed full piece. Deadline for full manuscripts: Dec. 15.

To Submit: Contact Kathy Mantas at

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