More students choose York University as their first choice for postsecondary education

students walking in the TEL Building walkway

Collective efforts across the University to increase the number of students who select York U as their first choice for postsecondary education are beginning to show positive momentum and results. Early statistics released in January based on applications by high-school students to the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) show that the number of students selecting York U as their first choice has increased, despite the fact the total number of university applications is down.

  • Highlights of direct entry high-school applications (referred to as 101s) include:
  • An increase of 1.2 per cent in first choice versus 2013
  • An increase of 5 per cent in all applications (1st, 2nd and 3rd choice) versus 2013
  • York market share has increased .34 per cent versus 2013
  • Total applications to all Ontario universities have declined by .8 per cent
Rhonda Lenton
Rhonda Lenton

“These numbers are a very positive sign and I believe reflect the results of a coordinated recruitment and marketing effort across the University to increase interest in York by better informing prospective students and others how a York University education equips students to contribute to and succeed in the world,” said  Vice-President Academic and Provost Rhonda Lenton. “I also believe it reflects the strong growth and momentum York is experiencing in terms of being recognized as a comprehensive, research-intensive university (an example is our new school of engineering).”

There were some early indicators of this positive change when in November, Macleans Magazine published its annual university rankings, which saw York move up eight places in the overall reputation index from 36/49 to 28/49 and 12 places in the category “leaders of tomorrow” (36/49 to 24/49).

“While we are very pleased with the recognition of York’s progress to date on many fronts, we remain committed to continual improvement and to the full realization of our academic priorities to enhance quality, student success and community engagement,” said Lenton.

Debra Peplar advertisementA key element of the University’s outreach program has been our communications campaign, “this is my time”, designed to bring the University to life and to let prospective students learn about the power and potential of a York University degree through the visions of current students, alumni and faculty.

York Faculties and Admissions are now 100 per cent focused on converting this increased student interest into enrolment, by following up with prospective top students with personal phone calls, e-chats, e-mails, tours and visits, to encourage them to make the decision to come to York University. A major opportunity to convert potential students into current students is the upcoming annual Spring Open House to be held in April.

“This is an exciting time to be at York University. These results are proof that we are on the move and on the right track. We have the people, drive, determination and the plans in place to achieve our academic goals,” said Lenton. “Our students are our number one priority and the reason we are here. We will continue efforts to enhance the learning environment for students – with new programs, new opportunities that are relevant to their future careers, their future development as citizens, that will continue to have top students make York University their destination. In order for this to happen, we need to work together… we need the continued help of all members of our community.”

For more information, visit the OUAC website.