York PhD candidate’s top paper nets her a trip to Philadelphia

Terry Wilkinson

Terry Wilkinson, a PhD candidate in York’s Faculty of Education, has been selected to attend the 34th Annual David L. Clark National Graduate Student Research Seminar in Educational Administration and Policy at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference in Philadelphia, PA, April 2 and 3. The event brings together emerging educational leadership and policy scholars with noted researchers for two days of presentations, generative discussion and professional growth.

More than 100 doctoral students were nominated this year from universities in the United States, Canada, and abroad based on top ranked proposals.

“Ms. Wilkinson is an outstanding doctoral student and promising academic researcher whose research will make important contributions to the fields of educational leadership, administration, and critical policy studies,” said York education Professor Sue Winton who nominated Wilkinson. “Her proposed doctoral study of an advocacy group’s struggle to keep Design and Technology (D&T) as a compulsory subject in elementary and secondary schools addresses fundamental debates about the purposes of public schooling and the value of different skills and knowledge. Her research is informed by her experience as a former D&T teacher, teacher educator and her work on provincial advisory committees and is supported by a SSHRC doctoral fellowship.”

For more information, visit the AERA website.