Five Glendon College students win prizes in art competition

Janet Morrison and student Ghada Sasa
Janet Morrison, vice-provost, students, and Ghada Sasa, winner of the Glendon Students Visual Arts Competition
Janet Morrison, vice-provost, students, and Ghada Sasa, first-place winner of the Glendon Students Visual Arts Competition

Five winners of the Glendon Students Visual Arts Competition were recognized at the Glendon Gallery Tuesday, Jan. 21, at the opening reception for an exhibit of student works submitted to the competition.

Joining in congratulating the students at the reception were: Janet Morrison, vice-provost, students, Keele campus; Gilles Fortin, executive officer, Glendon College; Rosanna Furgiuele, associate principal, student services, Glendon College; Jaclyn Volkhammer, representative of the Friends of Glendon; and Mikhaela Gray, president of the Glendon College Student Union.

In total, 44 students exhibited 90 original artworks in a variety of mediums – acrylic and oil paint on canvas, watercolours, drawings, sketches, mixed media and photographs. Each year, the competition attracts more students. The exhibition will continue until Jan. 31.

The jury members assigned the task of selecting the winners were: Nadine Bariteau, a visual artist and teacher at the Ontario College of Art & Design University; André Pilon, a visual artist, photographer and member of Bravo-Sud; and Salomé Viguier-Mourlhon, a multidisciplinary artist and director of Le LABO.

Some of the Glendon Students Visual Arts Competition
From left, second prize winner Brock Tremblay, Janet Morrison, first prize winner Ghada Sasa, Associate Principal & Coordinator, Student Exchange Rosanna Furgiuele, Salomée Viguier-Mourhton and Martine Rheault of the Glendon Gallery

The Winners are:

  • first prize, sponsored by the vice-provost students, York University, for $250, was awarded to Ghada Sasa for her artwork Hosni Mubarak;
  • second prize, offered by the principal of Glendon College ($200), went to Brock Tremblay for his sculpture and for his painting Brushy brush;
  • third prize, sponsored by the Friends of Glendon in the amount of $175, went to Ashley-Jane Cole for her artworks Lady Dandelion and Night Time;
  • fourth prize, awarded by the associate principal, Student Services, Glendon College, in the amount of $150, went to Magali Rousseau for her artworks The Cartographer and The Giant; and
  • fifth prize, offered by the Glendon College Student Union ($100), went to Estela Williams for her painting Retrato de niña con flores.

The following were the competition sponsors and media partners: l’Express, le Métropolitain and Radio-Canada. Special thanks to Eninna Luli, coordinator of this activity, and to the gallery assistants: Aurélien Muller, Jenny Matingu and Valerie Wilson. The Glendon Gallery operates within the division of Student Services at Glendon College, York University, under the direction of Rosanna Furgiuele.

Glendon Gallery hours are as follows: Tuesday to Friday, from noon to 3pm, and Saturday, from 1 to 4pm.