Cooperation and creativity needed for pensions and job training

“The announcement that former prime minister Paul Martin will help Ontario design its own pension plan raises the stakes in the federal-provincial conflict over the future of Canada,” wrote York University political science Professor Thomas Klassen in the Toronto Star Jan. 23. “This conflict is evident not only in pension policy but also job training programs for unemployed Canadians. At the heart of the disagreement are different visions of the role of the state and the role of federalism.” Read full story.

Business schools’ statement buildings
Academic institutions have long expressed their values and ambitions through architecture and business schools are continuing the tradition today. Despite economic uncertainty and sometimes stagnating enrolment, leading schools have billions of dollars committed to new buildings, reported the Financial Times Jan. 23. . . . The Hyderabad campus of York University’s Schulich School of Business is under construction, scheduled for completion in 2014. The Canadian school is partnering with GMR School of Business to offer its “MBA in India” degree. Read full story.

18 artists in 13 installations featured in new U of L exhibit
A new exhibit called We Can’t Compete at the University of Lethbridge art gallery showcases the work of 18 artists in 13 installations, reported the Lethbridge Herald Jan. 24. “All of the work in the exhibition uses words or lyrics or slogans and hopefully for us that’s a way that people can access what the message of the work is much easier than if it was only imagery, for example,” said York University Professor Allyson Mitchell, one of the artists and co-curators of the exhibit. Read full story.

Egypt detainees, music producer among ReFrame celebs
The Canadian activists recently detained in Egypt and the record label owner who discovered Bruce Cockburn are among the luminaries expected in Peterborough this weekend for the 10th annual ReFrame Film Festival, reported the Peterborough Examiner Jan. 23. Filmmaker and York University Professor John Greyson and Doctor Tarek Loubani, the Canadians who were held without charge in an Egyptian jail, will be here to talk about the Egyptian documentary The Square. Read full story.

Our great transit non-debate
My fondest hope for the upcoming election campaign is that no candidate even mentions subways, streetcars, or LRTs, reported the Torontoist Jan. 23. . . . The Liberals got a turn, and twisted planning priorities mercilessly until they yielded a rationale for an extension of the Spadina line past York University and up to an empty field in faraway Vaughan, a bizarre destination distinguished only as the political turf of former finance minister Greg Sorbara. It didn’t hurt that Mr. Sorbara’s brother, property developer Joseph Sorbara, was chair of the York University Development Corporation. Although it will certainly provide luxury service to students and faculty of York University when it opens in 2016, the new line is unlikely to attract more than a handful of new users to the TTC. Read full story.