Agreement will see Lassonde researchers working with Korean space scientists

Jong-Uk Park and Janusz Kozinski
Lassonde dean Janusz Kozinski and Dr. Jong-Uk Park
Dr. Jong-Uk Park (left) of the Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute exchanges a memorandum of understanding with Lassonde School of Engineering Dean Janusz Kozinski

A new strategic partnership involving the Lassonde School of Engineering and the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI), will see researchers from both institutions work together on three priority areas. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed recently by Lassonde School of Engineering Dean Janusz Kozinski, York Vice-President Research & Innovation Robert Haché and representatives from KASI will see researchers from York University and KASI develop projects in space weather and geodesy, a small satellite payload program, and planetary science and astrophysics.

“Like any successful relationship, an MOU isn’t about a piece of paper. It’s no use being compatible and sharing mutual interests unless you maintain that initial spark and put in lots of hard graft to make it work,” said Kozinski.

“We have all the right ingredients for a very fruitful, long-term association with KASI. It is a world-class institution and, most importantly of all, is home to an exceptional group of people who share our values and complement our strengths superbly,” he added.

Through this bilateral partnership, researchers will be able to exchange research expertise, participate in joint space missions and gain access to international funding opportunities. Postdoctoral exchanges and graduate student internships are also part of the agreement.

The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, based in the South Korean science city of Daejeon, is the country’s most prominent astronomy and space science institute. KASI operates large and powerful observatories, and is set to install the world’s largest Magellan telescope in the Andes Mountains in 2019.