Glendon Gallery presents Modern Photography exhibit

The Glendon Gallery of York University will present Modern Photography(ie) Moderne, an installation by Aurélien Muller, until Jan. 11.

Photography Modern
The exhibit will run from Jan. 8 to 11 at the Glendon Gallery, Glendon College.

Glendon Gallery gave Muller the opportunity to use the space for almost four weeks before the show, so that he can

transform the gallery into a photo and video laboratory. This allowed the original idea of the work to change according to trials and errors, so that the final installation can take advantage of the location and the available material.

The space is divided in two: with one side acting as the photographer`s studio and the other as the site for the video projections. Visitors are invited to have their portrait taken by the photographer within the closed space of the studio, and then see their portrait appear among others on the gallery`s walls. Muller will hold sessions January 8 to 11, from noon to 4pm.

According to Muller, photography is in essence a romantic medium.

“When we seek to represent humans with photography, we face a romantic vision of ourselves and others. Knowingly or not, the way we envision the world around us is conditioned by standards and codes of representation that are specific to our time. If we are all photographers, it means we are also the subject of photography more often,” he says.

Combining the old and the new technologies, Muller seeks to challenge the representation that people have of themselves and have become used to. “By showing the before and after of the photographic moment, we diverge from what is perceived as ‘photo reality’. This moment

where we give ourselves to be photographed is stretched, decontextualized, and we hope to learn something about who we are,” says Muller.

The Glendon Gallery functions within the Department of Student Services at Glendon College, York University, under the direction of Associate Principal Rosanna Furgiuele.

For more information, including hours, visit the Glendon Gallery website.