Donate to York Cares United Way Campaign by 4pm today for chance to win

Make a minimum donation of $1/week or $52/year to the York Cares United Way Campaign by 4pm today (Friday, Nov. 15) to be entered into the early-bird draw for a chance to win prizes.

The York Cares e-mail was sent out on the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 11 to all faculty and staff, with a United Way prizes up for grabspersonalized link to the United Way electronic pledge form. The draw will take place Monday for a bag full of York swag, including a sweatshirt, T-shirt and ball cap.

There will be several draws throughout the campaign.

Some of the prizes up for grabs

Some of the other prizes up for grabs throughout the campaign will include an iPad mini with a black leather case, a York U golf bag, three Las Nubes: Conservation in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica books and York knit scarves.

One of the many reasons to donate is that the United Way is a local catalyst of social change. It supports important programs in the area surrounding York University. The United Way helps youth, the homeless, seniors, newcomers and many more, as well as helping to build strong communities.

The goal this year is to boost York’s participation to 13 per cent from 11 per cent last year. To achieve that goal, 564 faculty and staff will need to contribute to the York Cares United Way Campaign.

For more information about what the United Way does, visit the Toronto United Way website.

For more information about the York Cares United Way Campaign, contact