Applications now open for funding to help make York University more accessible


Applications are now being accepted for projects that advance accessibility at York University.

The York University Accessibility Fund (YUAF) is a pan-University fund that was established to help make the Keele and Glendon campuses more accessible to persons with disabilities. The fund is administered by the Office of the Vice-President Finance & Administration and is available to all members of the University community.

Individual students, staff and faculty, and academic and administrative units, student clubs, associations, organizations and college councils are all eligible to apply for YUAF funding.

Application Process
For an application to be advanced, it must be sponsored by the administrative head of the relevant academic or non-academic unit or organization (or designate).  Administrative heads are not being asked to evaluate the merit of the application. Applications for funding should be submitted in writing by the sponsoring organization, Faculty or office, via the YUAF Application Form and should outline in detail, the nature of the request and the approximate cost(s).
Applications submitted will be reviewed by an adjudication committee comprised of the following participants or their designates: the senior executive officer; the vice-president finance and administration (Chair); the vice-provost students; York University’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act coordinator; Access York vice-chair Faculty/Staff; Access York student representative; and other members when request-specific advice is required.

The typical turnaround time is four to six weeks. Shorter response times will be considered for time-sensitive applications.

Applications for the first round of this year’s adjudication will be accepted until Jan. 31, 2014.

1.    Categories of Expenditures
This central fund should be seen as a means of supplementing costs, rather than covering all costs, whenever possible. Requests will be considered only after all other avenues for funding have been explored. All and any equipment purchased remains the property of York University, normally under the auspices of the sponsoring office, department or unit.

a.     Applications may include requests for:

  • Classroom and practicum technological equipment and supports (for example, assistive devices, software, or other equipment purchased by an administrative unit and provided on a loaner basis.)
  • Disability awareness and education  (e.g., activities to promote and support on-going education within the York Community, such as funding to create an online awareness guide for course instructors)
  • Supplemented Support for Extra/Co-curricular and Other Out-of-Class Activities (i.e., support services for participants attending these activities)
  • Supplemented Support for Conferences Hosted by the University  (i.e., support services for participants)
  • Support for York students with disabilities presenting at conferences hosted elsewhere.

b.    Applications may not include requests for:

  • Expenses that should be otherwise supported through MTCU funding for students with disabilities.
  • Renovations and retrofits to the built environment (e.g., classrooms, washrooms, residences) Note: On rare occasions, physical access requests will be considered, dependent on funds.

2.    Criteria for Assessing Funding Requests:

  • Does the request eliminate a barrier?
  • Does the request result in greater participation by persons with disabilities?
  • Does the request promote awareness of disability related issues?
  • Will the request result in education that is more accessible?
  • Will the request have a lasting effect on the University?
  • Have all other avenues for funding been sufficiently explored?

Requests that relate to student accessibility, both on and off campus, will be given priority. For more information, visit the York University Accessibility Fund web page. Click on YUAF Application Form to complete the form.

For questions, clarifications, or assistance with the application process, contact:

AODA Office 416.736.2100 ext. 20512


Counselling & Disability Services:

  • Learning Disability Services 416.736.5383
  • Mental Health Disability Services 416.736.5297
  • Physical, Sensory and Medical Disability Services 416.736.5140


Office of the Vice-President Finance and Administration 416.736.5282

Completed applications should be submitted to:

YUAF, c/o Senior Executive Officer
Office of the Vice-President Finance and Administration,
950 Kaneff Tower