Farmers’ market runs every Thursday at York

On Oct. 24, York University Food Services and Regenesis@York will hold a weekly farmers’ market called the York University Market (YUM!).

In 2009, the Institution for Research & Innovation in Sustainability at York conducted a survey that revealed students had a desire for healthier food, as well as vegetarian and alternative dietary options Fruiton campus.

Fruit will be among the available offerings at the York University Market

The goal of YUM! is not only to provide an additional healthy food option on campus, but also to reflect the cultural diversity of the students who attend York University.

YUM! will be held every Thursday afternoon from noon to 5pm, excluding holidays and reading week/co-curricular days, in the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Building on the south side of campus.

The vendors will provide fresh produce, prepared vegan goodies and raw snacks that come from local and sustainable sources.

Although the market starts Oct. 24, the grand opening will be held on Nov. 7 and will feature food workshops and activities that students can participate in.

Regenesis@York is a community, grassroots environmental, social justice and humanitarian organization. Its vision is the creation of a fulfilling and sustainable community at York University. Its mission is to create comprehensive and practical programs and initiatives through advocacy, programming and service learning.

For more information, contact Christopher Bentley at or ext. 31520.