Students can vote in referendum for new Student Centre this week

York University students are being asked to vote in a referendum on Oct. 21, 22, 23 and 24 for a new Student Centre at the Keele campus. It is being touted as a student-run initiative from conception to construction.

The current York University Student Centre (YUSC) has helped provided a student-operated space for the past 23 years, but demand for space has grown sharply as has enrollment in the University. Student-StudentCentreLfocused space is at a premium.

An architectural drawing of the proposed Student Centre

That has prompted YUSC to seek the construction of an additional multi-purpose facility to provide for the growing needs of the York community.

So where can students vote? Polls will be open from 9am to 7pm all four days in nine different locations across Keele campus – Stong Café, Scott Library, Osgoode Hall (Ignat Kaneff Building), the Centre for Fine Arts and Theatre, the Technology Enhanced Learning Building (TEL), Vari Hall, the Student Centre, Vanier College and the Seymour Schulich Building. All you need is your YU-card to vote.

The new Student Centre would expand student spaces for a better experience and promises to be innovative in its approach to meeting the future needs of students. The plan is to have some 14,000-sq.-ft. more study space, 100 per cent more club office space, 20 per cent more gym space, one-third more lounge space and 85 per cent more multi-faith prayer space.

The proposed new building would be on the north side of the Osgoode-Atkinson Green. And speaking of green, the new Student Centre building is striving for a minimum silver level of LEED certification to ensure it is environmentally sustainable.

For more information, visit the vote4more website.