The 2012 Employment Equity for York University is now available

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The 2012 Employment Equity for York University is now posted and is now available as a PDF document.

The report highlights the activities related to employment equity and diversity that occurred during the 2012 calendar year at York University. The report also speaks to anticipated employment equity and diversity-related initiatives for 2013 and beyond.

In summary, the report shows that University-wide, on an aggregated basis, York enjoys a strong representation of women employees. When the Academic and Non-Academic groups are split apart, there are smaller pockets of under-representation at the Employment Equity Occupational Group (EEOG) level across various parts of the University.  Appendix “C” of the 2012 Employment Equity Report outlines where under representation exists.  Internal representation figures are determined by aggregating the individual results of the Self-Identification Survey.

“We look forward to working with various groups in the University to close the gaps that exist and to provide education on employment equity and diversity,” says Annette Boodram, York University’s employment equity officer. “If you haven’t yet completed this survey, or your responses have changed (for example, a disability has emerged since you last filled out the survey), we encourage you to take one minute to complete this survey at this time.”

Questions relating to employment equity or this report can be directed to:

  • Annette Boodram, employment equity officer, at or x20848; or to
  • Suzanne Killick, director, Learning & Organizational Development at or x77563; or to
  • Aileen Ashman, assistant vice-president, Human Resources, at; or to
  • Barry Miller, executive director, Faculty Relations, at or x44534 (for inquiries from academic employee groups).

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