Unplug for one hour on World Mental Health Day, Oct. 10

Unplug for one hour on World Mental Health Day Thursday, Oct. 10, from noon to 1pm, and connect in person with those around you.

Unplugged Hour encourages everyone to take an hour away from screens, smartphones and technology. The Mental Health Steering Committee at York invites everyone to take an hour and meet at the Bear Pit in Central Square, warm up and go for a Unpluggedwalk around Stong Pond. Meet up with colleagues and students and take the opportunity to meet new people on campus.

 This woman has unplugged and is reaching toward the sky

It is a chance to remind everyone on World Mental Health Day that “unplugging” is important for mental health and well-being.

If you can’t make the walk, here are some other ways to unplug throughout the day:

Try some face-to-face time. Meet a friend, classmate or co-worker to catch up over lunch or a coffee. It’s a great time to laugh, share and connect in person.

Get outside to explore the great outdoors by yourself or with a friend. Find a new favourite path, a quiet reading spot or notice the leaves changing colours.

Try something new. See what is happening on campus that interests you. It’s a great time to work out, try a mindfulness meditation class or join a new club.

Unplugged Hour is sponsored by the Toronto Area Health Promotion and Health Educator Network. York University is one of several participating schools, including OCAD University, Ryerson University and the University of Toronto.

For more information, visit the Unplugged Hour website.