Detained Western prof begins hunger strike

A Western University medicine professor being held in Egypt indefinitely has begun a hunger strike, reported the Gazette Sept. 19….Loubani has been detained in Egypt for more than a month along with York University Professor John Greyson.…Throughout the hunger strike Loubani and Greyson will reportedly consume only water and juice, refusing food. The strike comes following the men being informed that they may be imprisoned for up to two years. Read full story.

What do the B.C. Liberals think of Dix’s resignation?
Pundits say the resignation of Adrian Dix as leader of the B.C. NDP isn’t necessarily good news for the B.C. Liberals. York University political science Professor Dennis Pilon says backroom Liberals are probably looking at the resignation as a mixed blessing. “On the one hand, political partisans love to see their opponents fall. But sometimes, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t,” said Pilon in News1130 Sept. 19. Read full story.

Osgoode Hall Law School e-mailer berates classmates for ‘constant eating/chewing/crunching’, urges ‘odour-free, noise-free’ foods
Administrators at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School are concerned over “the lack of civility” demonstrated in an e-mail sent to classmates by an anonymous writer fed up with their eating habits in class, reported the National Post Sept. 19. In a lengthy tirade sent to 72 students of an administrative law class Wednesday morning, the writer scolds classmates at the school for suffering from a “peculiar set of eating disorders” and having a “complete lack of etiquette and common courtesy.” Read full story.