Statement from York University President Mamdouh Shoukri on Professor John Greyson

York University remains extremely concerned about the ongoing detention in Cairo, Egypt, of John Greyson, an associate professor at York University and director of York’s graduate program in film, and Tarek Loubani, an emergency medicine physician and professor from London, Ont. The two men have been held in Cairo without charges since Aug. 16, and according to Canada’s Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular) Lynne Yelich, a hearing scheduled for today did not take place as expected.

A tenured faculty member in the Department of Film, Greyson is an esteemed member of the York community and an acclaimed Canadian filmmaker. It was Greyson’s stated intention to travel this August to Gaza, through Cairo, to conduct fieldwork in the area – an intent that is entirely in keeping with his professional and creative activities as a York film professor and member of the broader film community.

The University has been in contact with government officials to express our deep concern for the welfare of Greyson and Loubani. Members of the York community, through local efforts, petitions and statements, have been actively involved in supporting their safe return. York University joins with officials and other members of the Canadian community in calling on Egyptian authorities to release Greyson and Loubani without delay.