PhD students’ book explores how mothers inspire feminist consciousness

MotherofInventionBookA new book edited by two York grad students explores the diverse ways that mothers, whether or not they themselves identity as “feminist,” inspire feminist con­sciousness in their daughters and sons will launch Tuesday.

The interdisciplinary collection, Mother of Invention: How Our Mothers Influenced Us As Feminist Academics and Activists (Demeter Press), edited by PhD candidates in the Graduate Pro­gram in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies Vanessa Reimer and Sarah Sahagian, will launch June 25, from 7:30 to 9pm, at the Pantages Hotel, 200 Victoria St., Toronto.

The book features creative and scholarly contributions from feminist academics, ac­tivists, writers and artists from different educational back­grounds, places and walks of life. While not an exclusive celebration of maternal relations, this collection provides an antidote to matrophobia and mother-blaming by criti­cally exploring and affirming the myriad of challenges and complexities that constitute motherwork.

It explores how the mothering of feminist daughters and sons intersects with issues of gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, racial­ization, citizenship, religion, economic class, education and socio-historical location. Collectively these essays ex­plore the centrality of intergenerational matrilineal narra­tives in shaping feminist consciousness, they deconstruct dominant ideologies of patriarchal motherhood and wom­anhood, and they challenge the notion that there is a for­mulaic way to raise feminist daughters and sons, or a sin­gular “correct” way to engage in feminist maternal practice

To order the book in North American, contact the Demeter Press distributor, Brunswick Books, at 416-703-3598 or