Science Explorations offers new Big Ideas camp for kids

Science Explorations, a fun, hands-on day camp for children run out of the Faculty of Science at York University is now open for registration for the summer 2013 session with a new program offering – Big Ideas: The Creativity, Design and Innovation Camp – for children ages 11 to 14.

The Big Ideas: Creativity, Design and Innovation Camp will provide youth with a fun and interactive experience. They will be given the opportunity to integrate proven Big Ideas Logoapproaches to innovation and business strategy with their existing foundations in science and engineering. Campers will be challenged to think creatively in developing powerful solutions to a real world innovation challenge and given the opportunity to discover their potential as entrepreneurs.

Throughout the week-long experience, campers will meet real entrepreneurs who have successfully applied the same principles taught at the camp in the building of their own business. This is a new stand-alone initiative that Science Explorations is offering alongside its regular science and engineering camps.

“I learned that you can take an idea from your head and put it into your hands and really make it work in real-life,” said a camper who experienced the first pilot version of the Big Ideas camp.

Science Explorations at York University is one of Actua’s 33 member organizations located at universities and colleges across Canada and one of four member organizations that will be delivering the Big Ideas camp program in southern Ontario this summer. Actua is a national charity that inspires 225,000 youth annually to achieve their potential through hands-on science, engineering and technology


The Big Ideas: Creativity, Design and Innovation camp has been developed by the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity (ICP) with the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, and Actua, a national charity for science and engineering education for youth.

Science Explorations also offers two other camp programs to choose from. Each is


designed to engage youth and explore a variety of topics in science and engineering.

All camp activities use an exploratory learning approach that is focused on “learning by doing”. Campers will also get a chance to work in small groups on a number of projects that will help foster problem-solving and critical-thinking.

The programs are run in one-week sessions all summer long, from July 2 to August 23.

The Science Explorations sections offers  two curricula – Aristotle Adventurers or Plato Pioneers, for ages 8 to 11. The Aristotle Adventurers will be able to “Walk on Mars”, an exclusive York University event run by Nick Balaskas, to set a world record for the most number of people who have walked on Mars.  Each participant will receive a certificate of achievement and be listed among those who helped establish the world record.

The Plato Pioneers will have the opportunity to perform simulated orthopedic “surgery” using “surgical tools” to set the break, mend it with foil and then close and suture the wound.

The Engineering Explorations section is for campers ages 11 to 14 and features the DaVinci Discoverers or Einstein Explorers. The DaVinci Discoverers will construct a brain and skull using “ballistics gel” and plaster, and explore mechanical engineering by designing a helmet for their skull and brain to protect it from a serious fall.

The Einstein Explorers will have the opportunity to use apple technology (iPads) to complete various activities, to be developed.

To register online, click here. For dates and fees, click here.

For more information about the programs, visit the Science Explorations summer camp website.