Maureen Appel Molot Best Paper Prize awarded to two York researchers

Mary Young, research associate at the York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR), and Professor Susan Henders, faculty associate, YCAR, have been awarded the 2012 Maureen Appel Molot Best Paper Prize by the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal.

The prize is for their article, ‘Other Diplomacies’ and the Making of Canada – Asia Relations, published in a special journal issue, Canada and Asia: Building a New Policy Agenda, which focused on the susanHendersdiplomatic roles of societal actors and their implications for Canada-Asia relations.

Susan Henders

“These papers represent some of the best policy research on Asia,” said David Carment, editor of Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, professor of international affairs and Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute Fellow. The special issue was funded by the Government of Canada and the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada.

To read the prize-winning paper, available for a limited time, click here. The article is Mary_Youngconnected to the YCAR research program, The Making of Canada-Asia Relations: The Roles of Other Diplomacies.

Mary Young

Young, who completed her doctorate through York’s graduate program in political science, specializes in the political economy and political ecology of Asia with particular interests in Indonesia and Taiwan. Henders’ research focuses on the international politics of human and minority rights, as well as territorial politics in culturally regionalized societies, particularly in eastern Asia and western Europe.

The Maureen Appel Molot Best Paper Prize is awarded annually for the best paper published in the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, judged by the journal’s editorial and international advisory board based on scholarship, contribution to knowledge and debate, writing style and audience accessibility.

The award honours Maureen Molot, a former director of Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and former editor of the CFPJ. Among the past winners are Kim Nossal, Stephane Roussel and Daryl Copeland.