Prof accepts ultimate honour – award for teaching


Professor Laurence Harris, director of York’s Centre for Vision Research, was presented with the Faculty of Graduate Studies 2013 Faculty Teaching Award Thursday by York President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri at the Faculty’s council meeting.

Shoukri called it the “ultimate honour” of the academy to receive an award for teaching.

“Graduate education is central to a university that intends to become a more research intensive university. York has the second largest graduate Faculty in the province, and graduate education is really fundamental to a research institution,” said Shoukri.

Michael Schiff, assistant secretary of council, Faculty of Graduate Studies, said Harris is “held in the highest regard for his tireless and innovative work in the Centre for Vision Research. He is recognized by his students for his generosity of time and effort, dedication to mentorship, a positive and collaborative approach, and for making the experience in his lab and classroom enjoyable and inspiring.”

It is clear, added Schiff, that Harris “goes well beyond the call of duty in his teaching and supervision, and the clear picture that emerges is that he is an exceptional educator and one with a rare gift for mentorship.”

In accepting the award, Harris, a professor in the Department of Psychology and director of the Multisensory Integration Laboratory at York, said “The way that the teaching and research are so importantly integrated, I think, is really reflected in this recognition.”

He thanked everyone, especially his students, who nominated him for the award.

For more information, visit the April 15 issue of YFile.