York University’s Sakura cherry trees are in full bloom

cherry trees calumet 2Despite its frosty start, this spring has been a good one for Japanese flowering cherry trees planted on the Keele campus.

In 2003, 250 of the delicate trees were planted as part of the Japanese government’s Sakura project, symbolizing the long-standing close relationship between Japan and Canada and York’s many cultural and academic ties with Japanese institutions.

The Japanese flowering cherry tree, or Sakura, is a revered symbol of Japan. Its blossoming marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated in Waka and Haiku poetry and with annual Hanami, or flower-viewing picnics under the full blossom of the Sakura.

One of the best displays is situated beside Calumet College. Trees are also located in pockets around the Keele campus, including a group outside of the Tait McKenzie Centre.