University Bookstore makes changes in time for May rush

The York University Bookstore has made several changes to accommodate the purchasing of textbooks during the May rush.

Hours have been extended and the main bookstore will stay open as late as 7:30pm for the first week and a half of classes in May. Students are encouraged to come prepared with their book requirements by printing the listing available on the York University Bookstore website. The website also contains information on extended hours for May.

Alternatively, students can also shop online through the Bookstore website.

The Bookstore’s Textbook Rental program is in full swing. Students can rent many of the textbooks used in courses. Books are rented either online through the Bookstore website or through our selective in-store rental program. Visit the website rental page for full details.

The Bookstore has thousands of used textbooks available for sale.

The Bookstore buys used textbooks from students six days a week, at both campuses. The Bookstore also provides a free buy and sell site so that students at several universities can buy or sell directly with each other. Details on selling used books are posted on the website, and there is also a mobile application to assist in checking the current market prices for textbooks.

Take advantage of the Bookstore’s YU Card Rewards program. Earn five per cent or more in “Scholar Dollars”. Check the Bookstore website’s Student Information page for details.

The York University Bookstore website provides course and book lists that can be printed from the website. Click on the Textbooks link and follow the directions.

Students can also check the website for information on the availability of textbooks, to find out more about the extended store hours and to learn more about the different promotions and author visits scheduled throughout the year.