A new dawn for York University as Lassonde launches in style

554896_452684334819319_1776294517_nAnyone walking through Vari Hall today will be left with no doubt that the Lassonde School of Engineering has arrived.

As of May 1, students and faculty members in engineering and computer science formally join the Lassonde School of Engineering, and the newly formed school is celebrating in style with an all-day event in Vari Hall.

“Today marks a very special day for every Lassondian and everyone at York University. Today we can say with great pride and great expectation that the Lassonde School of Engineering is no longer a vision or a promise. It is a permanent reality,” said Lassonde Dean Janusz Kozinski.  

“We are very proud of the immense contributions from everyone involved in this project from its inception who has helped us get to where we are today. We are very thankful for the support of everyone at York and look forward to making everyone proud of our new school,” he added. 

The first day of Lassonde is all about students. Everyone in the York community is invited to join the celebration and view a showcase of Lassonde students’ work, including the fourth-year engineering project competition, digital media exhibition and the send-off for the Mars Rover team. There will also be a lunchtime reception in Vari Hall and everyone is encouraged to stop by. 

“We are not wallflowers here at Lassonde, we’re renaissance engineers! We are making a statement today about our commitment to changing engineering education and our unshakable belief in York’s motto – the way must be tried,” said Kozinski. 

The celebrations begins at 10am in Vari Hall and will continue throughout the day until 4pm.