Thatcherism: A grand, failed economic experiment

“Admirers and detractors of Margaret Thatcher can agree that she will be remembered as one of the key political architects of our times,” wrote Andrew Jackson, Packer Visiting Professor of Social Justice at York University, in The Globe and Mail April 16. “Along with her soulmate, U.S. President Ronald Reagan, she broke decisively with the post-war Keynesian welfare state and ushered in the still-enduring age of neo-liberalism.” Read full story.

Value of an apology
Schulich School of Business marketing Professor Alan Middleton spoke about the apology by RBC’s CEO Gord Nixon with Matt Galloway on CBC’s “Metro Morning” April 12. Listen to full interview.

Don Thompson sells follow-up to ‘$12 Million Stuffed Shark’
Schulich School of Business Professor Don Thompson, author of the widely read The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art, has just sold a follow up that seems to be in a similar vein. The book, The Supermodel and the Brillo Box, is set to be published by Palgrave in spring 2014, reported GalleristNY April 15. Read full story.

York U launches digital arts and technology research
Sensorium, a new research and development initiative focused on digital arts and technology, is being launched at York University to support content creation and cross-disciplinary partnerships, reported Mediacaster Magazine April 16….“We have so many outstanding researchers doing cutting-edge work in this field in dedicated labs across the Faculty and beyond,” said Faculty of Fine Arts Dean Barbara Sellers-Young. “Sensorium lets us link up and leverage their creative expertise, connections and facilities to foster new collaborative and cross-disciplinary research and encourage more community and industry partnerships.” Read full story.

One good turn goes on and on…
Scouts Canada has designated April 13-21 Good Turn Week, reported Winnipeg Free Press April 16. During that time, people of all ages are urged to join the youths and their leaders in spreading friendliness and compassion throughout the land….As the Scouts Canada release points out, there is good karma in kindness: “Doing a Good Turn not only makes someone else’s day, but the individual also reaps the reward through the gratifying feelings it brings. Research seems to back up the claim. A 2011 York University study found that people who performed small acts of kindness for five to 15 minutes every day for a week increased both their happiness and self-esteem.” Read full story.

Dr. Russ Patrick P. Alcedo: Dance guru
York University Professor Russ Patrick P. Alcedo is a dance ethnographer and a specialist on Philippine traditional dances. His work focuses on performance of gender, folklorization of religion and world dance in the diaspora. He is the first and only Filipino to have been hired as a Tenure-track professor at York University, where he was a recipient of the Dean’s Teaching Award for excellence in teaching in the Faculty of Fine Arts, reported Kabayan Weekly April 16. Read full story.

Green campuses: Hop on the bicycle
Universiti Putra Malaysia was ranked sixth among 95 universities globally in the GreenMetric World University Sustainability Ranking 2010, behind University of California, Berkeley, University of Nottingham, York University and Northeastern University, reported the New Straits Times April 14. Read full story.