Seven outstanding students honoured for leadership and contribution to York


Seven outstanding students received the inaugural Robert J. Tiffin Student Leadership Award Tuesday at a reception held in their honour.

HarveySkinnerLesleyBeagriePrakashAmarasooriyaRobTiffinThe award was created to recognize current undergraduate and graduate students whose leadership has contributed to the growth, development and vitality of York University.

From left, Harvey Skinner, Lesley Beagrie, Prakash Amarasooriya and Robert Tiffin

The recipients were assessed on their exhibited leadership skills, dedication, integrity, enthusiasm and the pursuit of excellence through their endeavours.

The recipients were undergraduate students Roshan Udit, in criminology and human rights & equity studies in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies; Prakash Amarasooriya, in kinesiology, health science and psychology in the Faculty of Health; Jaspreet Dulku, in health management JanuszKozinskiShailjaSahaniRobTiffinin the Faculty of Health; Shailja Sahani, in the space engineering in the Lassonde School of Engineering; Julia Salzmann, in health policy in the Faculty of Health; and PhD candidates Kaley Roosen (Spec. Hons. BSc ’07, MA’09), in clinical psychology, and Jennifer Rinaldi, in critical disability studies, both of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

From left, Janusz Kozinski, Shailja Sahani and Robert Tiffin

“York University is where students are trained to become citizens of the world,” President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri told the gathering. “Today, I’m here to recognize the inaugural winners of the award for their tremendous leadership. Each of the recipients embody what York is all about.”

Robert Tiffin, the award’s namesake who served aHarveySkinnerBarbaraCrowKaleyRoosenRobTiffins York University’s vice-president, students, for nine years before retiring in 2012, handed out the awards to each of the winners.

From left, Harvey Skinner, Barbara Crow, Kaley Roosen and Robert Tiffin

Through his strong leadership, dedication, integrity and fairness, Tiffin transformed his operation into one of the most professional student service organizations in the country, serving one of Canada’s largest student populations. “He was absolutely committed to students,” said Shoukri.

Students were selected based on leadership and/or involvement in the York community as MartinSingerRoshanUditRobertTiffinwell as outstanding academic achievement.

From left, Martin Singer, Roshan Udit and Robert Tiffin

As Janet Morrison, vice-provost, students, who hosted the reception, said, “This has just afforded an unprecedented opportunity for me to read rich, fulsome files about amazing students. The strength of the pool was tremendous. You really are the crème de la crème on campus.”

Among those in attendance were Martin Singer, dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies; Barbara Crow, dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies; Harvey Skinner, dean of the Faculty of Health; and Janusz Kozinski, BarbaraCrowHarveySkinnerLesleyBeagrieJuliaSalzmannRobTiffindean of the Lassonde School of Engineering, as well as members of the selection committee.

From left, Barbara Crow, Harvey Skinner, Lesley Beagrie, Julia Salzmann and Robert Tiffin

The recipients were presented with certificates at the reception and will have the award noted on their transcripts. In addition, their names will be added to the awards display wall in the Vari Hall Rotunda.


From left, Barbara Crow, Jennifer Rinaldi, Harvey Skinner, Lesley Beagrie, Jaspreet Dulku and Robert Tiffin