How green is your school?

Whether because of increased student demand or new hiring strategies among employers, business schools are paying greater attention to environmental issues, reported the New York Times March 26….Until recently, the Washington-based Aspen Institute published a comprehensive MBA ranking focused on social and environmental impact. The ranking, which Aspen stopped compiling in March, listed the top five as Stanford; York University’s Schulich School of Business in Toronto; IE University in Madrid; Notre Dame in Indiana; and Yale. Rotterdam was No. 19. Read full story.

Adverse drug reactions send many seniors to hospital, study finds
“If someone dies, they’re not hospitalized, so I think there are some patterns there that this report is not picking up on,” said Mary Wiktorowicz, professor in York University’s School of Health Policy and Management, in The Globe and Mail March 26. And while seniors might have the highest number of harmful drug reactions, Wiktorowicz noted that there are concerning trends in other age groups, such as young people experiencing serious side effects from medications used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Read full story.

Tories accused of trying to bury climate research
The Harper government axed its advisory body on environment and the economy in last year’s budget. It now stands accused of trying to bury its research, too….Mark Winfield, a professor of environmental studies at York University, said failure by Environment Canada to make the material easily accessible would amount to “the final act of intellectual vandalism” toward the roundtable. In The Globe and Mail March 16, Winfield said the decision to close the advisory group is consistent with the Harper government’s actions to reduce the clout of the Parliamentary Budget Office and to close the Experimental Lakes Area environmental research centre. Read full story.