Get to know your planetary boundaries

“The planetary boundaries concept refers to nine limits to human impact on the life of the planet. When transgressed, these limits will trigger a cascade of ill effects, putting human life and civilization in peril and irreversibly altering the viability of habitats for virtually every species on Earth,” co-wrote York University Professor Alison Kemper in the Guardian March 19. “By remaining within these limits, life can go forward….Respecting the boundaries reduces the risks to human society of crossing these thresholds.” Read full story.

Objection raised to proposed B.C. law school
A Dalhousie University society has joined other groups in Canada opposing a proposed law school at a Christian university in British Columbia that bans same-sex and premarital sexual relationships for students and faculty….Other law schools that have students opposed include those at the universities of Toronto, Western, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta and Victoria, as well as Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Toronto, reported the Chronicle Herald March 18. Read full story.