Canada still has much to learn from ‘None is Too Many’

“Why Canada had arguably the worst record of any Western country in trying to save the doomed Jews of Europe is the subject of None is Too Many, a book written 30 years ago by Harold Troper and me, and just reissued by the University of Toronto Press,” wrote Irving Abella, professor and J. Richard Shiff Chair of Canadian Jewish History at York University in The Globe and Mail Feb. 26. “It is a story that shocked many Canadians who believed the myth that theirs was a country of immigrants with a long history of welcoming refugees and dissidents, a country that has always been in the forefront in accepting the world’s dispossessed and oppressed and where racism and bigotry are foreign creations that play little role in Canadian history or the Canadian psyche.” Read full story.

Jason Kenney’s proposal to strip citizenship from ‘terrorists’ undermines Canadian values
“Jason Kenney, minister of citizenship and immigration, recently announced a proposal to allow the government to strip dual citizens of their Canadian citizenship for committing terrorism related offences. This proposal is deeply problematic,” wrote Sean Rehaag, professor at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, in the Toronto Star Feb. 26. “It would establish two classes of citizens based on birthright privileges and it would expose Canadians to loss of citizenship on very broad grounds.” Read full story.

Photos from Lodz Ghetto on exhibit at York U
The Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies and Osgoode Hall Law School both at York University are co-hosts of a major new exhibition, The Face of the Ghetto: Pictures by Jewish Photographers from the Lodz Ghetto, 1940 to 1944, reported the Canadian Jewish News Feb. 26. The exhibition features some 50 large-scale photographs. Read full story.