Dance thesis productions go far afield

MFA candidates in York’s Graduate Program in Dance – choreography and dramaturgy premiere a cluster of original works in The Field, opening Wednesday, Feb. 13 in the Sandra Faire & Ivan Fecan Theatre, Accolade East Building.

A “field” can be many things: a plot of land, a location, an area of study or research, the historical traces of a creative question, the frame created by a proscenium stage, the idiosyncratic characteristics of a specific site, a thought or a creative idea.

All of these potential meanings are mined in the choreographies presented by John Gerena, Vanessa Jane Kimmons, Catherine Murray, Bee Pallomina and Pamela Rasbach.

Murray’s (im)maculate takes a head-on look at the issue of teenage pregnancy and motherhood. Based on the choreographer’s research and one-on-one interviews with young mothers in Toronto, the piece delves into the stigma attached to this population and reveals the young women’s struggle for success.

Catherine_MurrayCatherine Murray

Pallomina’s the understory (part 3) is a collaborative duet created and performed with Saskatchewan dance artist Johanna Bundon. Beginning in the expanse of a prairie landscape in winter, the two performers try to stay warm and find their way to early spring.

Bee_PallominaBee Pallomina

Urban dance artist Kimmons explores the large, grotesque, powerfully built sasquatch in her choreography, Bigfooted. Though widely regarded as a dangerous menace, little factual information exists to support the negative reputation of this elusive creature. Maybe all she wants to do is get down and practice her best moves?

Vanessa_KimmonsVanessa Jane Kimmons

Colombia-born Genera’s Bermejo centres on the colour red, which he associates with aggressiveness and war. His work takes as its starting point the semiotics of red, offering a narrative that reflects on anger, violence and war in Colombia, and the blood that stains his homeland.

JOHNGERENA2_003John Gerena

Rasbach’s choreographic research examines the possibilities of shifting structures within a dance performance. Working with five dancers and musical collaborator Luke Garwood, she creates her piece, Set the Timer for Forever, in real time.

Pamela_RasbachPamela Rasbach

Professor Darcey Callison serves as artistic director for The Field. Lighting design supervision and production management are by Professor William Mackwood. The show runs nightly at 7:30pm from Feb. 13 to 15. Tickets are available through the Fine Arts Box Office.