Lassonde appoints top team to transform engineering at York

York Professors Richard Hornsey and Spiros Pagiatakis have been appointed Associate Dean Academic and Associate Dean – Research & Graduate Studies, respectively. The announcement was made by Lassonde School of Engineering Dean Janusz Kozinski.

The priority of the associate deans will be to establish the foundations of the new school of engineering as it enters the next phase of development with students and faculty joining later this year.

“Professor Hornsey and Professor Pagiatakis have been instrumental in building the foundations of our science and engineering programs. Their dedication and keen sense of integrity will continue to play a key role in creating a truly groundbreaking new School in 2013 and beyond,” said Kozinski.

Associate DeansSpiros Pagiatakis (left) and Richard Hornsey

“We are assembling an excellent team of people at the Lassonde School. With Richard and Spiros taking leading roles I know we can create a truly world class engineering education for our students that will be a source of pride for everyone in the York community,” he added.

Hornsey will provide leadership and direction for numerous academic programs and faculty related matters including the coordination of resources, opportunities, and mentorship.

“This has been a remarkable project so far and we are still at the very beginning of our journey. I can’t wait to officially welcome our current students to the new Lassonde School in May and a brand new group of Lassondians later this year. Our team has achieved a great deal in a short time with the support from many different people at all levels York University. I’m delighted to take on this role and to have this unique opportunity to help redefine the education experience for our students,” said Hornsey.

In his new role, Pagiatakis will guide the school’s interdisciplinary research enterprise, establish the long-term vision of the school’s research and develop of a new model for Lassonde’s graduate school.

“The task of leading the graduate studies and research at the Lassonde School is a fantastic opportunity to shape the future of this engineering school built on creative and dynamic research projects that will elevate the reputation of York both in Canada and across the world. I’m excited about the future of Lassonde and I am very glad to be part of this transformation of engineering for undergraduates and graduates at our university.”

The Lassonde School of Engineering will focus on allowing students to become Renaissance Engineers with skills in entrepreneurship, social responsibility and problem solving – through a revolutionized classroom environment, multidisciplinary curriculum and integrated learning delivered in partnership with industry. The Lassonde School of Engineering will welcome students and faculty later this year, with a new building opening on the Keele campus in 2015.