Dance to be tested as a therapy for Parkinson’s

Just as singing can help people who stutter, in a similar manner there is anecdotal evidence that learning dance associated with rhythms and melodies can improve motor skills in Parkinson’s sufferers, reported Radio Canada International Feb. 4. Recently, York University neuroscience Professor Joseph DeSouza of the Faculty of Health received a $20,000 donation from an Italian social club, Irpinia, to help fund this new research on the topic. Read full story.

McMaster U’s HR guideline helped set MAPS exec’s salary
The controversial raise that boosted the salary of a Mac student association executive onto the sunshine list in 2011 followed a job evaluation conducted by McMaster University….In Metro Feb. 5, York University Professor and governance expert Richard LeBlanc said his first question would be: Why did board members sign off on hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and back pay for the executive director? “That amount seems anomalous … for a student organization,” he said. He was also surprised by the length of time – six years – covered by the retroactive payment. Read full story.

A crystal ball in the oil fields
Predictive analytics has come a long way since direct mail companies in the 1970s first used numbers to determine whom to send pamphlets to. Back then, data was used to predict buying habits; it’s now used across myriad sectors, such as oil and gas, mining, health care and even sports….It’s likely more companies and sectors will adopt predictive analytic tools going forward, said York’s Schulich School of Business Professor Murat Kristal in The Globe and Mail Feb. 5….The only barrier to adoption is that companies need people who understand how to analyze the data. Read full story.