Panel discussion Friday addresses attempts to build mega-casino in Toronto

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CITYCasinoThe City Institute at York University (CITY) will be hosting a panel discussion on Friday, Feb. 1, to critically address current attempts to build a mega-casino in Toronto.

Casino City?”, the latest panel discussion in The City Institute’s City Seminar Series, will take place from 12:30 to 2pm, at 140 Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies Building, Keele campus.

The event will feature local politicians, scholars and anti-casino activists attempting to address three primary questions:

  • Why are casinos bad economic policy?
  • What is the current political economy of casino development in Ontario?
  • What political strategies are needed to defeat casino development in Toronto?

    Panellists will include:

    Jim Cosgrave
    , professor, Trent University
    Paula Fletcher
    , councillor, Ward 30
    Peter Tabuns
    , MPP, Toronto Danforth
    Kevin Stolarick
    , research director, MPI
    Steven Tufts
    , professor, York University
    Maureen Lynett
    , No Casino Toronto

The panel will be chaired by Roger Keil of the City Institute at York University.

For more information, visit the CITY website.