Internet trolls an online nightmare for young women

Girls fill the ugly maw of the most exploitative websites, either willingly with porn-y self-portraits – “selfies,” as they’re called – or inadvertently because they let their boyfriends shoot them in compromising positions, or because they were careless with privacy controls….. “When you ask questions like, ‘Why do you do this?’ They [the girls] say, ‘Well, all my friends are doing it.’ But the problem is so much larger than that, and they’re not even aware that it’s so much larger,” said York University pedagogy and technology Professor Jennifer Jenson in the Toronto Star Jan. 18. Read full story.

True leadership isn’t just leading others
“At the Schulich School of Business, I was part of the organizing committee for a recent business conference and case competition,” wrote Durray Shahwar Masood, a second-year Schulich student, in Jan. 19. “It was a two-day event where a select number of students had advanced from a preliminary round to attend the final round of competition. Each prepared a business solution to present in front of industry-specific judges who were recruiting students for internships and full-time employment.” Read full story.