Faculty of Education’s specialization in international education cited as best practice

CBIE_reportcoverThe Faculty of Education’s Specialization in International Education has been cited as a best practice case study in a report published by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), “A World of Learning: Canada’s Performance and Potential in International Education”.

The annual report explores the state of international education in Canada, taking an in-depth look at international students, study abroad by Canadian students, Canadian education overseas, as well as the overall internationalization agenda in Canada. The report features results of an international student survey and case studies from member institutions, and examines options for taking Canada to a higher level as an international education destination, as well as the factors which could support or impede the country’s efforts.

“I am delighted that our specialization was selected as a case study by CBIE for this report,” says Laura Crane, the international education coordinator in the Faculty of Education at York. “We recently had our first graduates with the specialization, and they are already indicating that earning the transcript notation has benefits for them, including the recognition of their international experiences and knowledge. At a time when there are fewer teaching jobs locally and reports of an international teacher shortage, the specialization may have benefits for York graduates beyond enhancement of their knowledge and experiences.”

The Faculty’s Specialization in International Education is the first of its kind in Ontario and exists within the Faculty’s Concurrent Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree. Students who obtain the specialization must complete three things during their BEd degree program: internationally-focused elective courses; a York-run international learning opportunity for a minimum of one month; and co-curricular volunteer work with a focus on international education (which could include activities such as being a “buddy” to international students on campus, working with not-for-profit or community organizations with a focus on education in an international context or other learning opportunities).

CBIE offers international colleagues entrée to the exciting world of Canadian education. CBIE’s vision is to position Canada as a leader in international education through the promotion of global-mindedness, sustainable practice, innovative action, entrepreneurial spirit and informed advocacy. CBIE believes that international education is one of the best ways to bridge cultures, encourage mutual understanding, and to develop enduring political, cultural and economic links among nations. CBIE also hosts Canada’s International Education Conference, an essential meeting place for international educators, convening hundreds of delegates from around the world.

The report was published Nov. 26, 2012. To obtain a copy, visit the CBIE website.