Printing Services goes ePrint

Printing Services

Printing Services has launched a new web tool to make it even more convenient for faculty and staff to utilize its campus-wide service.

Using ePrint software, print job files can now be submitted directly from the faculty or staff member’s computer, both on campus or away, to the print shop, securely and confidently.

A web-based tool, ePrint allows files to be sent along with a form that details all the job’s requirements. The website has a catalogue of 35 common items, which includes pricing for business cards and other stationery, to make ordering simple. Any other print project can be specified with the online order form.

ePrint provides tracking information, allows users to review previous jobs and makes re-ordering easy. It also means there will be no lost e-mails. Users register their standard information, such as shipping addresses, contact and budget information, which is stored for each account. A short training session is then provided at the client’s convenience.

Printing Services aims to provide a cost effective and convenient service for the York community. The focus is to employ up-to-date graphics technologies, to be service oriented and efficient to meet and exceed the expectations of students, faculty and staff.

The print shop runs 16 hours a day, from 6am until 10pm, to ensure even last-minute projects are ready the next day. Paper-based order forms, in-person ordering and e-mails are still available.

For more information, contact Chris Panagopoulos, manager of Printing Services, at and go secure, go ePrint.

To register, visit the ePrint website.