New study ‘shatters myths’ of homelessness in Toronto

York University Professor Stephen Gaetz agrees that the situation for homeless people needs to change in Toronto, but doesn’t see the solution in more emergency shelter beds. Gaetz and two other prominent academics who study homelessness are holding a seminar at York University Friday, where they will discuss the most recent research – all of which suggests a shift in perception about homelessness is needed, he said. “There’s this feeling that times are tough, but there are emergency shelters and soup kitchens and if people are down on their luck, they get their needs met,” he said in Metro Jan. 10. “This research shatters those myths.” Read full story.

Military mum over emergency help fee

The Canadian Forces can’t say what criteria it will use to charge provinces and municipalities if they need help in an emergency or disaster. It also can’t say whether it will be able to provide local governments with specific costs in advance for the various services it can offer so provinces and municipalities can decide whether they can afford to call in the military to help, reported the Vancouver Sun Jan. 11….”This could backfire,” said Martin Shadwick, a strategic studies professor at York University. “The average citizen’s point of view will likely be that they pay for DND and the Canadian Forces through their taxes so why are they getting billed?” Read full story.

Historical issues must not hinder making progress
In the meeting Friday between First Nations leaders and the federal government, amid Idle No More rallies and Chief Theresa Spence on a hunger strike, all players should consider the limitations of historical perceptions. History is essential to understanding where we are….However, there are dangers in using yesterday’s assumptions about all the parties who are involved today…. Daniel Rueck, a historian at York University specializing in indigenous history, tweeted that the “Harper agenda is same as (the Pierre) Trudeau agenda, which was same as the (John A.) Macdonald agenda,” reported the StarPhoenix Jan. 11. Read full story.

Five ways to be a smart social media user in your job hunt
As a job seeker, how active do you have to be on social media? If you aren’t, will hiring managers think you’re out of touch with the fast-paced social media world we live in and put your resumé at the bottom of the pile? Mark Crerar is searching for a sales role while he completes his executive MBA at York University’s Schulich School of Business, reported The Globe and Mail Jan. 10. He has a well-developed LinkedIn profile but no Facebook or Twitter accounts. Is he doing enough? Read full story.