OPS looks for feedback on racial profiling study

The Ottawa Police Service is looking for feedback on a new initiative to track racial data during traffic stops, slated to begin in April 2013, in an effort to ensure “bias-free policing.” Police will track the race of people subjected to traffic stops over a period of two years and a team of researchers from York University will analyze the data, reported Metro Ottawa Dec. 13. Read full story.

Don’t put off shopping, world won’t end Dec. 21
Will the world end Dec. 21, as the infamous Mayan calendar supposedly predicts? York University Professor Paul Delaney draws a deep breath and bellows a hearty guffaw. “Rest assured, I have dinner plans for the 22nd,” the University’s Department of Physics & Astronomy director said in the Aurora Banner Dec. 13. “And, I will most definitely be there.” Read full story.