Three Osgoode professors among Women of Influence’s 2012 Canadian Diversity Champions

photos of Poonam Puri, Aaron Dhir and Lorne Sossin

Osgoode Professors Aaron Dhir and Poonam Puri and Dean Lorne Sossin, have been recognized by Women of Influence as 2012 Canadian Diversity Champions.

This year’s list of Canadian Diversity Champions is three times the size of last year’s list, partially due to the fact that both male and female leaders are now being recognized by Women of Influence. The list was published in the Nov. 13 edition of The Globe and Mail newspaper.

photos of Poonam Puri, Aaron Dhir and Lorne SossinFrom left: Poonam Puri, Aaron Dhir and Lorne Sossin

Individuals who made the list were recognized for the dedication and commitment to: sponsoring and mentoring senior executive women; advancing women in business; leading and developing innovative diversity initiatives and programs across Canada; championing diversity in the workplace and boardroom; and contributing significantly to thought leadership in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

“The list is intended to be wide and inclusive, as we hope by demonstrating the depth of commitment by each of these leaders to the business case for diversity, that it inspires many other corporate leaders across Canada, the United States and globally, to follow in this visionary path,” Women of Influence noted.

Women of Influence Inc., which will host a dinner in the spring to celebrate and recognize all of the 2012 Diversity Champions, is a North American organization dedicated to recognizing the professional accomplishments of high-powered senior female executives.

The organization supports the development of professional women throughout Canada and the United States through programs such as The Women of Influence Luncheon Series, The RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, the Young Women of Influence Evening Series, the Women of Influence Senior Executive Dinner Series, Future Women of Influence and the Women of Influence Magazine, which is distributed in The Globe and Mail nationally and digitally to corporations and senior executives throughout North America.