Talk looks at filling in puzzle of social justice framework for health

Headshot of Sannie Tang

York nursing Professor Sannie Tang will talk about a social justice framework for critical health research at the next Women’s Mental Health and Well-Being Speakers Series.

The talk, “Filling in the Puzzle of a Social Justice Framework for Critical Health Research: Lessons Headshot of Sannie TangLearned from Iris Young and Paulo Freire,” will take place Tuesday, Nov. 20, from noon to 1pm, at 280N York Lanes. Lunch will be served.

Sannie Tang

As an immigrant woman of color who sometimes is still reminded that she speaks English “with an accent,” Tang is interested in issues that concern access to health and healthcare for racialized social groups, including how race and racism operate to reproduce social and health/healthcare inequities in the everyday.

Moreover, Tang of York’s School of Nursing in the Faculty of Health feels a commitment to participate in the larger project of social justice in her capacity as a critical health researcher and nurse educator. Her most recent research is a qualitative study that examines how social justice education is perceived and implemented in nursing.

To RSVP, e-mail by Friday, Nov. 16. The event is sponsored by the Office of Echo Chair in Women’s Mental Health Research at York.

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