Introducing Jacqueline Tran, winner of York’s ‘this is my time’ vision contest

the winner of free tuition for a year is Jacqueline Tran

Already focused on her future role as an agent of change dedicated to improving equality in the workplace, York Human Resources Management student Jacqueline Tran is the winner of the “this is my time” free tuition contest for current students.

the winner of free tuition for a year is Jacqueline TranTran’s winning vision, which was posted on York’s “this is my time” vision exchange for current students, states, “2034: I develop a compensation strategy that eliminates the gender wage gap and inequalities in the workplace.”

Jacqueline Tran

For her inspiring vision, Tran receives a grand prize of a year of free tuition, a credit worth up to $6,200, which she can use up to the year 2016.

“Congratulations to Jacqueline,” said York President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri. “Jacqueline represents the wonderful qualities of our students; she is highly engaged in student life on campus through a host of associations and councils, is focused on her studies and set an ambitious plan to use her York U education to eliminate inequalities in the workplace. She has an incredible future ahead of her. I am delighted that her vision was selected by the York judges.”

Now enrolled in her third year of study in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Human Resources Management (HRM) program, Tran plans to put the tuition credit to cover the cost of her fourth year and then pursue a post-diploma certificate in marketing.

“I chose York University because it was different, it was big and I thought there would be a lot of opportunities at York where I could grow. I came here to try to find who I want to be.”

Her vision, she says, represents who she aspires to be and she credits her education in the HRM program and her involvement in a number of student clubs including her current role as president of the Human Resources Student Association club  with giving her the knowledge to crystallize her vision and commitment to equality. She is quick to credit a first year orientation speech by Martin Singer, dean of LA&PS, which she says gave her the motivation to seek out and explore all the opportunities both inside the classroom and through co-curricular activities.

“Our highly reputed HRM program, like many other programs in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, uniquely melds a commitment to social justice and equity with a rigorous pragmatism, which equips our students with the tools to realize complex goals like those of Jacqueline,” said Singer.

Initially a bit shy about posting her aspirations to the vision wall, Tran says she was encouraged by one of her professors to enter the contest. Many of her friends also posted their visions. Disbelief was her first reaction when she learned she had won the prize. “I was shocked,” she laughs, “I kept getting phone calls from York University and finally someone texted me to let me know that I had won the prize. It was quite surreal.”

The contest, which celebrated York’s new brand campaign “this is my time”, offered a grand prize of free tuition for a year to one current student for their inspiring vision for the future stating how they will put their York U degree to work to make a positive impact on society. Tran’s vision was picked from close to 3,500 entries by a panel of York judges, the top visions were also reviewed by the deans of each of York’s 11 faculties prior to the selection of the winner.

“Knowing Jacqueline, and seeing her active engagement in so many initiatives, I am excited about her future and look forward to the great things she will achieve,” said Parbudyal Singh, chair of the HRM program.

The following visions were selected by the judges as the top visions by faculty. Included is a student vision for York University’s newest faculty, the Lassonde School of Engineering, which will admit its first cohort of students in 2013.

  • Faculty of Education – Victoria Sheerham, Concurrent Education/LAPS History/English, 2014: “2019: My books help children around the world develop a love of reading.”
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies – Keshia Boire – 2014, “2020: I am traveling the world doing biological research on aquatic ecosystems and using my research to save and preserve our oceans.”
  • Faculty of Fine Arts – Helen Marton, Design, 2014: “2025: I am eliminating medical and pharmaceutical errors caused by inadequate graphic communication and labeling.”
  • Faculty of Health – Danika Andersen – Nursing, 2014: “2016: I’m changing northern Aboriginal communities by providing culturally empowered healthcare.”
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies – Sas Ansari, Osgoode LLM, 2014: “2018: I assist governments world-wide to choose tax laws that properly reflect the environmental costs of human activity.”
  • Faculty of Science – Lindsay Rioux, Physics & Astronomy, 2016: “2030: My research team has just discovered life in another galaxy.”
  • Glendon – Olivia Fullerton – International Studies/Environment & Health Studies, 2015: “2020: Partnering with local leaders, I am developing and implementing strategies to increase food security and eradicate hunger in rural Africa.”
  • Lassonde School of Engineering – Clarence MacDonald – Computer Engineering, 2016: “2020: I am initiating neural links between computers and humans to change the way we interface with our electronics and with each other.”
  • Osgoode Hall Law School – Craig Mazerolle  –  Juris Doctor, 2015:  “2024: My advocacy in front of the Supreme Court pushes the federal government to establish a national legal aid program for all Canadians.”
  • Schulich School of Business – Joni Iljazi, International Bachelor of Business Administration, 2014:  “2020: Create a new index based crop insurance system so that farmers in developing countries can enjoy food security.”