HR managers happy when employees shine

Joseph Palumbo, executive director of the Career Development Centre at York University’s Schulich School of Business, says aspiring directors of HR need to be passionate about their career choice. “First and foremost, (you need to) have a passion for human capital: the potential and importance of people in organizations and have an interest/passion for the attraction, recruitment, selection, retention, compensation, development and maximization of people,” says Palumbo in The Star Phoenix and the Calgary Herald Nov. 10. Read full story.

The Autism Project: Students with autism fend for themselves
Isabel Killoran, a professor at York University’s Faculty of Education and former special education teacher, says a teacher’s greatest challenge is that “no two children with autism are the same,” reported the Toronto Star Nov. 12. She teaches a 36-hour course in special education, helping teachers learn common strategies that can help in class, depending on the child’s needs. Children with autism think and learn differently. They need organization and structure, lessons in social skills and how to manage stress; they don’t tolerate a lot of noise and distractions. Killoran’s big message though: behaviour is communication. “It’s our job to be detective and figure out what’s triggering the behaviour. A lot of time it is something that’s environmental, something happening in the classroom.” Read full story.

Senator who owns CFL teams backs single-game betting
Alan Middleton, a marketing professor with York University’s Schulich School of Business, said there’s no doubt allowing single-game betting would benefit the CFL financially by raising the excitement and interest surrounding the games and by deterring the NFL from moving north. “Is it likely that the other leagues will take some kind of defensive action because of this? Yes,” he said, suggesting a “miffed” NFL would be less likely to have the league’s Buffalo Bills play games in Toronto, reported The Globe and Mail Nov. 10. Read full story.

Four Canadians finalist for 2012 Adobe design awards
Adobe has announced the 2012 winners of its annual design award competition. The winners can be viewed in an online gallery. Canadian prize winners include Hector Herrera from OCAD University and Richelle Rogers from a joint-program between York University and Sheridan College, reported Nov. 12. Read full story.