Classrooms to careers, where do you fit in?

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The Teaching Commons at York University presents a Brown Bag Lunch Series special event.

Today from 12 to 1:30pm, drop by the Teaching Commons, 1014 TEL Building on York’s Keele campus, to hear a lecture/mini workshop presented by Ruth Lawton, the Learning & Teaching Fellow for Employability at Birmingham City Ruth Lawton head shotUniversity, UK and convener of the Employability Developers Group, which has an international membership of over 820.

Ruth Lawton

Student satisfaction, employability and even learning outcomes are all on the government agenda but for most faculty these are new areas outside of their comfort zones and knowledge. This workshop assumes that Faculty are feeling some responsibility for the employability of their students and will give a brief outline of the current research, experience and resources.

Lawton’s central message is that Faculty can easily enhance the employability of their students. She invites all Faculty to drop by and find out how.

For more information, e-mail This workshop is presented by the Teaching Commons at York University and is open to the University community.